Asha's Mural Design
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Asha's Mural designs-Guruvayur, is an innovative intiative by Mrs. Asha Ramachandran,who is expertised in mural paintings on Sarees, Churidhars and Mens wear.

A team of artists, trained from the Guruvayur Devaswom Institute of Mural painting, recreates the Mural paintings in textiles using high quality fabric paints.

We have paintings on silk sarees,kerala sarees,churidhars &shawls, shirts dhothis etc.

A unique technique is being used as that this painting will not fade for many years if treated carefully.

Please note that ,each peace has painting from an artist blended with his own imagination .So each saree will be different from others. We proudly sell our products as designer collection.

We promise you that the best selection of textiles with fabric paintings in an affordable price.